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Enhance the impact of your startup ecosystem with our no-cost speaking engagement service, ideal for incubators, accelerators, mastermind groups, and educational institutions. Led by our chief architect, a seasoned serial entrepreneur, our sessions complement existing curriculums, providing an additional layer of support to early-stage founders.

Our content focuses on the inner workings of startups, equipping founders for successful launch and growth. We emphasize critical topics such as exploring ideation, understanding startup finances, leveraging resources to minimize costs and accelerate growth, and establishing a sustainable infrastructure primed for scalability and exit strategies.

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Service Details

  1. Our Complementary Sessions Include:

    • Exploring ideation: Options to Build, License, or Sell
    • Navigating financials: Understanding key aspects of finances, taxes, and fundraising
    • Leveraging resource opportunities: Minimizing costs and accelerating growth
    • Emphasizing sustainability: Establishing an infrastructure primed for scalability and exit strategies
  2. Best Suited For:

    • Partners working with early-stage startups
    • Idea stage and startups developing new products / services
    • Product, service, and technology-focused startups
    • Current program participants and alumni
  3. Duration:

    • Four weekly virtual sessions, every Saturday at 10:00 AM ET
    • No-cost access for all participants
    • Unlimited participant capacity


The Architects obsessed
with Building Rocketships

Serial Entrepreneur

  • Multiple successful exits
  • 15+ years small business consulting experience
  • Board member roles CEO, CTO, and COO

Our Serial Entrepreneurs bring a wealth of experience and knowledge of the entire lifecycle of a startup, from concept to exit. They offer invaluable expertise in risk management, strategic planning, innovative thinking, and resourcefulness. This expertise consistently enables our clients to adapt, grow, and effectively connect with essential resources.

With Matthew it's a very different experience. You get one person that is strong enough to handle the various parts of the entire engine. And it's done in a way that not only makes the engine work - but makes it work WELL. He is what I would call a Master of all trades in the Startup world. His level of expertise is hidden behind a young looking face in a t-shirt. But make no mistake - Matthew, and I am very intentional with this word - has genius that I have NOT come across in the past 5 years of being an Entrepreneur working with beginner founders. He is someone I completely trust and would highly recommend to anyone who wants to get your business off the ground, or to the next level.

Kira Day, CEO
The Passion Centre

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