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Boosting Startup Success Rates for Accelerators

Enhance the impact of your startup accelerator programs with our ground-level support solution designed to boost the quantity, quality, and funding potential of your graduates. Our team of serial entrepreneurs, master strategists, business analysts, and startup experts come together to create a one-of-a-kind experience for program participants, turning their startups into Rocketships, a.k.a., profitable, scalable companies.

Led by our chief architect, a seasoned serial entrepreneur with deep expertise across the entire startup lifecycle—from concept to exit—and extensive experience in the startup accelerator ecosystem, we offer hands-on support that results in high-quality startups prepared and confident to raise private funding.

Elevate the experience for your startups by:

  • Weekly virtual support groups focused on Q&A
  • Complementary education and funding preparation
  • Pitch deck recommendations and continued practice
  • Progress reports for the program director

With improved startup success rates, you attract high-quality startups, build investor confidence, use resources more efficiently, and benefit from better feedback loops, allowing your program to remain dynamic and adapt to evolving needs. Let’s join forces to amplify our efforts, reach more startups, and strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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Service Details

  1. Best Suited For

    • Startup accelerators in North America
    • Avg. class size of 30 startups
    • Min. 12 week program duration
    • Product, service, and technology-focused startups
  2. Weekly Service Offering

    • 6 hours of ground-level support for participants
    • 2 hours of complementary education based on curriculum
    • Startup progress reports for the program director
    • Admin time developing education, reports, and startup Q&A
  3. Boost Your Startup Success Rates

    • Speak with our Director of Partnerships & Operations
    • Discuss the deliverables and service offering
    • Watch as we exceed your expectations


The Architects Obsessed
with Fueling the North

Serial Entrepreneur

  • Multiple successful exits
  • 15+ years small business consulting
  • Vast experience in the startup accelerator ecosystem

Our Serial Entrepreneurs bring a wealth of experience and knowledge of the entire lifecycle of a startup, from concept to exit. They offer invaluable expertise in risk management, strategic planning, innovative thinking, resourcefulness, and raising capital. This expertise consistently enables our clients to adapt, grow, and effectively connect with essential resources.

With Matthew it's a very different experience. You get one person that is strong enough to handle the various parts of the entire engine. And it's done in a way that not only makes the engine work - but makes it work WELL. He is what I would call a Master of all trades in the Startup world. His level of expertise is hidden behind a young looking face in a t-shirt. But make no mistake - Matthew, and I am very intentional with this word - has genius that I have NOT come across in the past 5 years of being an Entrepreneur working with beginner founders. He is someone I completely trust and would highly recommend to anyone who wants to get your business off the ground, or to the next level.

Kira Day, CEO
The Passion Centre

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