Rocketship Blueprint

Supercharge Your Progress in Startup Accelerators

Join a structured virtual session led by one of our top serial entrepreneurs, who offers deep expertise across the entire startup lifecycle—from concept to exit—and extensive experience in the startup accelerator ecosystem.

Accelerator programs provide fast-paced, competitive environments with a curriculum tailored for early-stage founders. These programs help founders establish habit-building practices, develop minimum viable products, gain market traction, and create pitch decks designed to raise funding from venture capital, private equity and angel investors.

Supercharge your progress with a Rocketship Blueprint, which is built around the standard educational curriculum of accelerators and includes a comprehensive outline of your startup's organizational infrastructure. Armed with your Blueprint, you’ll be better equipped to meet the demanding expectations of your accelerator program. This preparation will elevate your program experience, allowing you to fully leverage the benefits offered and significantly boost your chances of graduating.

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Service Details

  1. Best Suited For

    • Startups under $250K in annual revenue
    • Idea stage and startups developing new products / services
    • Product, service, and technology-focused startups
    • Participants in startup accelerator programs
  2. Duration and Cost

    • 2-hour virtual session
    • Blueprint provided within 3 business days
    • $549 CAD + applicable taxes
  3. Be Prepared to Discuss

    • Idea / concept
    • Customer validation
    • Customer and competitive analysis
    • Target customer profile
    • Go-to-market strategy
    • Operations infrastructure
    • Technology infrastructure
    • Legal structure
    • Revenue model
    • Branding and design
    • Raising capital
    • Developing your minimal viable product (MVP)


The Architect Obsessed
with Rocketship Blueprints

Serial Entrepreneur

  • Multiple successful exits
  • 15+ years small business consulting
  • Vast experience in the startup accelerator ecosystem

Our Serial Entrepreneurs bring a wealth of experience and knowledge of the entire lifecycle of a startup, from concept to exit. They offer invaluable expertise in risk management, strategic planning, innovative thinking, resourcefulness, and raising capital. This expertise consistently enables our clients to adapt, grow, and effectively connect with essential resources.

With Matthew it's a very different experience. You get one person that is strong enough to handle the various parts of the entire engine. And it's done in a way that not only makes the engine work - but makes it work WELL. He is what I would call a Master of all trades in the Startup world. His level of expertise is hidden behind a young looking face in a t-shirt. But make no mistake - Matthew, and I am very intentional with this word - has genius that I have NOT come across in the past 5 years of being an Entrepreneur working with beginner founders. He is someone I completely trust and would highly recommend to anyone who wants to get your business off the ground, or to the next level.

Kira Day, CEO
The Passion Centre

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